Sunday, December 19, 2010

Burlington Farmer's Market 121810: Need Veggie

Pumpkins and Squash from Full Moon Farm
 We went to the farmer's market yesterday to get some provisions and found new vendors.  (Full Moon is not new, they are summer regulars).

Bought some muffins from the new GF people, and some pizza dough, too.

Too wheaty for me, and some other new vendors are, too - but come next month to see what lovely things these and others have on offer.

I'm loyal to my summer vendors, but here's another new one.

Full Moon's green pea beans -- I forget the name of the variety -- but Rachel Z says they cook way faster than regular dried beans.

I also stocked up on Amir's shiitakes and oyster mushrooms, I can't believe how much I missed all these local products.

And here's the rub. In the many years I've been photographing vendors, both for my own use -- remember I'm rubbish with names, and the pics help -- and to promote them (even competitors) on my humble blog, I've never been asked to delete a photo in my camera - but today I was asked to do so when taking a picture of someone's products.  It was weird and awkward -- really awkward.  Hours later I am at a loss at how to take it.  Not well, apparently, since I'm obsessing about it -- and the oddest part about it is that I wear their stuff because I was given it as a gift.  Whoops, it's a crafter!@ wtf