Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Cook: Lamb Rack

Willow Hill Farm Lamb
So awesome and tender!  Normally, I would have seared the rack on the gas grill, then cooked it for 20 minutes indirect on low, but I was out of propane.  Rather, I should say STILL out of propane.

The rack was coated in mustard and Dizzy Pig Red-eye, then on to Miss Piggy, the Traeger smoker for 30 minutes (225f) and then 30 minutes at 275f.  The probe signaled 130f; the small side of the rack was perfect and the thicker side too rare.  So, I cut it in half and plated the done pieces, putting the rest into the kitchen oven at 300f for 15 more minutes.  You can't get a sear to finish on this smoker, there's no direct heat.

Also, in cold weather it does not retain heat and hold temperature like the Big Green Egg does.  Still, I love it because it starts almost instantly.  Kiss, kiss!

 I'll put the prettiest chops in front next time.