Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ready-cook Squash

Rockville Market Farm's Squash
On the next to last outdoor farmer's market, Dan noticed Eric Rozendaal had these for sale, and that quickly put to mind Willow Hill Farm's yogurt machine, Doe's Leap's milk bottler, and Jericho Settler's automated egg washer.   He had purchased some kind of groovy mechanical squash-whacker.

I am so envious - I still don't have any cool processing equipment.

I'm no fan of sweet-tasting vegetables, but I happily cooked up two packages because it was spectacularly easy.  Boil in some water, simmer until cooked through.  Smash up with butter, and salt to taste - no peeling, roasting or scraping.

It really went well with that Hannaford rotisserie chicken - and the creamy Brussels sprouts.