Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Menu: Beef Ribs

Pulled smoked BBQ ribs with horseradish cream on an Against The Grain wheatless bun.
Blurry photo - sorry about that - new fancy-type camera.  It has a "fork and spoon" mode, which I thought meant that it was a "food" photo setting.  It was the "vegetable" setting  (every color balance/focus adjustment has picture icons, but they don't jive to what Americans understand).  I'm going to try the "birds" setting next.  Bear with me.

Meet Miss Piggy, my Traeger pellet smoker.

This is actually a cook that was started on the weekend, and finished on Monday morning.

We have had chicken cooked in the pig already, and it was wonderfully moist - so I'm trying beef.

The ribs were coated in the house rub of mostly paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, and turbinado sugar.

I cooked them for 6 hours on the "smoke setting" (225f).  It was getting late, so I removed them to a covered pot in the oven (200f) overnight (about 10 hours).
Next morning, perfect ribs.

All the caramelized fat was fed to the chickens -- Dan said they could smell barbeque and were lining up near the door to the coop as soon as it was out of the oven.

Pulled meat ready for sammies!

Photo taken with the old camera, oddly, not that much better than with the new one.  Perhaps I shouldn't have dropped it quite so many times.