Friday, October 22, 2010

Burlington Farmer's Market #24:Two More To Go

It's getting colder in the mornings; we set up only one table so people would have room to get out of the predicted rain.   No sampling out cheeses, there's no room to do it; by now all our customers are familiar with what they taste like.  Even though there's no cheese in sight, the tourists still ask for samples.

The chickens for sale are getting larger in size - we have only three 8 - 10-pounders left!

Most of the vendors are still coming to market.

Others, not so much.  I miss the Macaron Lady and the Mushroom Man!  Everyone kept asking us where Jing Ji and the Tibetan Lady have gone.

Lots of colorful squashes are available, and I've already brought my Halloween pumpkin home.

Folk Foods offered another gourmet special this week.

Dan gave it the official "thumbs up".

What will this Saturday bring?  Who knows!  The weather might even be nice. Hope to see you there.