Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Cook: Bacon Wrapped Filet

Four beautiful medallions of beef tenderloin wrapped in par-cooked farm-raised bacon.

Tonight's meal will also feature grilled mushrooms from farmer's market.

I coated the filets with mustard and Dizzy Pig "Shakin' The Tree" lemon-pepper rub.  On to a "high" grill.

I was flipping quite a bit, trying to keep ahead of the flare-ups.  About 8 - 10 minutes per side, then rested under foil and a heavy towel to finish cooking.  The mushrooms were finished much sooner.

Sorry, no other plated pictures. I was saving the 3 other pieces of filet for photos the following day, when there was better light - but Dan ate them all that evening.  I didn't even get one.  That's starting to become a disturbing trend.

That can't be good for him, right?