Sunday, November 15, 2009

That's my job!

There are three styles of harvested corn for animal feed. One is corn silage, (mature corn with green stalks) that is chopped (contains some energy, lots of fiber). The next is "cob corn", older corn cobs that are cut into slices; it looks like corn in the stew in a fancy magazine (contains energy with some fiber). The last is "grain corn" corn that is very dry and stripped from the cob (mostly energy and good for burning in new-fangled pellet stoves). We are getting ready to harvest grain corn.

Dan will be bringing a red "dump wagon" and a tractor to our Swanton property; I am following in the truck to pick him up and bring him back.

What you can't see here is that the wagon is wonky and shakes from side to side if the tractor goes over 18 miles an hour. No mailboxes were harmed during transportation, but it was a near thing.

Finally safe! He unhitched the wagon and parked the tractor.