Friday, November 6, 2009

Farmers' Market #26: The End

Even with weights attached, our tablecloth threatened to fly away. We put the sides on the tent and it helped make things bearable, until about 1 pm, when the wind shifted to blow in the opposite direction.

Dan and I were going to dress up, but it was too cold and blowy for my costume, and he said all the ooompff of putting on a mask dissolved soon after we arrived, because it was such a struggle to set up in the high winds.

I added lines in pumpkin orange and green on all our signs.

We decorated the stand.

And had goodies to pass out - Heath Bars were the adult's choice, Milky Ways the kid's-fave, and we brought nearly all the Almond Joys back home. No problem, since they are Dan's first choice among the three.

In the director's chair, a Highlander!

As they say, a good time was had by all.

Maybe too much of a good time for some.

For about an hour, the winds died down, the sun peeked out, and people ventured out from their homes.

Everybody loves a samosa, even princesses!

Go Batgirl!

And lastly, two dogs who didn't dress up for Halloween.