Friday, October 30, 2009

Farmers' Market #25: Next to Last

It's the rainy day set-up again - one small table with no room for sampling out cheese. It was so windy we had to put a back panel on our booth, and loaned a panel to each booth on either side of our stand.

There were over thirty cyclists in the park, cheering - I never found out why. Was it a low-tech "Ride-in"?

It was very rainy and unpleasant.

That's a Canadian flag the person to the right is holding. The group is singing "Oh, Canada". No lie, I know "Oh, Canada" when I hear it. My best guess is that they are QuadFest latecomer hostel-stayers (note all their belongings in the bags). Visitors to our booth were asking "Who are those Frenchies?"

Another raincoat I wish came in the big girl sizes.

The Tamale Girl (Monica Mead) has left for New Zealand, Martha Enzler (The Tile-Lady) is gone, I think Panadero Bakery is for sale - and it looks like we will be absorbing the Farmhouse Artist's Market to give them more room and exposure next season. I can't believe I'm already thinking out how "Market 2010" will look.

One more market to go in 2009, snow or rain, we'll be there!