Friday, October 23, 2009

Farmer's Market #24: Dewey Day

It was 49f. There are no eggs for sale, which means...

stewing hens will be available next week (which is now, this week).

Getting your face on a U.S. postage stamp wasn't enough of a tribute, so today was John Dewey Day, celebrating the Burlington-born philosopher by...

dressing up in weird paper masks and circling the drained-for-the-season City Hall Park fountain to sing. However, the 150th anniversary of his birth was not until the following Tuesday, so I'm guessing all the celebrants had full-time employment and couldn't get out of work on the actual day.

If he knows who John Dewey was, I'll eat that hat!

Lots of doggies sniffing around today.

But this one had the coolest sweater! Two more markets to go before regrouping and preparing for our winter delivery schedule.