Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Cook: Flatiron, onions

Fresh from Half Pint Farm, onions and garlic.

I drizzled a bit of sunflower oil on them, and let them char on "high", until a hissing sound and some liquid started coming out of the stems.

These were placed on a plate, covered in foil, and left to rest for 1/2 hour to finish cooking all the way through. Then the burned outer husks of the garlic and onion were easily slipped off, and the onions sliced.

I don't know what was up at the butcher shop. I had asked that the flatiron be packaged for two people (usually, this means one, one-pound piece per package). Instead it came as one heavy package of two steaks, plus a long mystery strip.

The meat had been in the refrigerator, marinated overnight in about three tablespoons of Newman's Own Lime Vinaigrette (Cheetah Marinade).

They went on the hottest part of a grill set on "high" for ten minutes a side.

The little test strip was done first, then the skinny piece, and then the above that plumped up while cooking. I put them all on a plate on the counter, covered them in foil and let the meat rest for 20 minutes to finish cooking.

The meat was rare, had a slight lime flavor from the marinade and was lacking only a little salt. This was all refrigerated for quesadillas the next day.