Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Menu: Shepherd's Pie

Real shepherd's pie, made with local ingredients.

The lamb came from Willow Hill Farm (one pound ground), the onions from Arethusa Collective (4 small, diced). Sauteed together and removed to a small casserole dish. There is just salt and pepper for seasoning.

The corn (frozen) was purchased from Arethusa at one of the Winter Markets last season, about one cup and a half in all.

About a pound and a half of yellow fleshed red-skinned potatoes from Half Pint Farm were boiled (about 20 minutes) and smashed with some butter (2 TB). They topped the casserole which was placed in a cold oven set to 400f. It baked for 35-40 minutes.

Very nice! This is one of Dan's favorite lamb dishes. I like it much better than "cottage pie" made with beef. It made six servings.