Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grilled: Sardines, artichokes, summer squash

A mixed grill for a hot summer night.

Fresh artichokes from Half Pint Farm were trimmed, simmered in water with vinaigrette for twenty minutes, drained, and set aside for grilling.

Veggies were cut and marinated in vinaigrette. My fishes are shown all cleaned and headless. Unlike those we purchased from Healthy Living market in the winter, these sardines were guts in, as well as heads on. I took on the task and secretly thought 'this can't get out,' or I'll be asked to clean freshly caught panfish at camp.

It's also worth saying that I clutzily knocked the Styrofoam tray with the innards and heads, on to the floor in the kitchen. What a bloody mess!

All on to a medium grill for maybe 5 minutes a side. The artichokes really didn't improve on the grill, I should have added salt to them.

The sardines look even more yummy than the pan-fried version we had in winter. The pattypan squashes were very sweet, I love artichokes any style, and the leftover sardines were great over rice. Please ignore the water spotting on this serving dish, our hard water eats away anything metal.