Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Menu: Tri-tip Roast

Rare to medium Tri-tip roast on the grill - I usually smoke this sirloin cut, but I was up for trying it on the gasser.

That's a 2.5 pound roast which will serve 6-8 easily.

I gave it a coating of Dizzy Pig's steak seasoning, which is heavy on black pepper, onion and salt.

Coated and resting to get the chill off (about 40 minutes on the counter).

I placed this on the a grill where all burners were just hotter than "low" so that the dome read 300f, and I placed a remote meat thermometer in the thickest part so that I would be alerted to when it reached 131f.

Pulled off at 131f, rested on the counter under aluminum foil and a heavy towel for 20 minutes to finish cooking.

The result was that half of the roast was medium-well, and the other half rare, which I think meant that it was still partially frozen when I put it on. This would explain the 80 minute cook time, about 20 minutes longer than I expected. As you can see, even without a searing step the rub has formed a crunchy crust on the meat.

Veggies on the side, cukes from Half-Pint Farm.

Served over grilled lettuce (recipe tomorrow). The meat from this cut is lean and very tender. Last year at farmer's market it was the next new thing, like flatiron and hangar. This year, know one seems to know what it is.