Friday, August 14, 2009

Farmer's Market #14: Jason needs a light, wheatie freebies

Dan remembered the chairs this week. Last week, he had to borrow some from Thomas, of Arethusa Collective.

Dan looks on as Jason tries to light the non-cooperative burners that were delaying the start of his business day. I know my husband wants to help, but is standing directly over it a good idea?

We are sold out of hot Italian pork sausage, and will not have any Bratwurst next week. We did sell that veal heart, though.

We are selling out of blue cheese at the wholesale level (this is expected from August to December); I keep a few wheels out to cut up for farmer's market, but those are selling out, too.

These two were unpacking what looked like t-shirts and were giving them away! Yay, t-shirts!

No souvenir shirts! Everything in the pouch had wheat in it, except for a package of fruit leather and the goat's milk soap.

Quite a crowd amassed in anticipation of the entertainment to come.

For my take on the Festival of Fools, go back here.

Pretty-eyed dogs.

We will be starting sales of our fall meat CSA shares soon (too soon), and we have plenty of 5-7 pound chickens on hand now. See you at market!