Friday, August 7, 2009

Farmers' Market #13: Hula-hoopsters, Cry "Wolf"

Last Saturday, it started out gloomy and overcast, but soon heated up into the 80's.

Black Creek Preserves has started making pies; Dan had to have one to take home.

His second breakfast came from Dinky Donuts.

Dozens of people rode their bikes to the park.

The "Shady Duo" were strumming it up just outside the farmer's market; I wondered why they didn't just ask permission to set up within our perimeter.

I thought this was the biggest, tallest Siberian Husky I'd ever seen.

My, what large teeth you have! This is a wolf-hybrid - notice the lower canines; the photo below shows a dog's lower teeth (you can barely see them). I was impressed that it was calmer and more well behaved than most of the Huskies and Pit Bull types that are brought to the park. It had a hip problem, but was clearly in good condition and well taken care of by its owner.

(Hoopsters in the park; keep your eye on the girl in the melon-colored pants to the left, she just kept going and going and going.)

This weekend, it's the Festival of Fools. Come early for the farmer's market, bring a cooler for your purchases, and stay a while to take in the live performances. Hope to see you then!