Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend Cook: Porterhouse, onions

10/10/20: the recipe for 2-inch thick rare steaks. Ten minute sear each side on high (cover up), 20 minute bake indirect, burners offset on low (cover down).

I sprinkled this two-pound steak with Montreal-style seasoning, which tends to be salty so I didn't put much on.

Medium sized onions are sprinkled with EVOO and salt. Wash, but no need to peel or trim, the outer skin will be removed after grilling.

Grill on high, cover up, 10 minutes per side, and I moved the onions around every few minutes to try and get them seared on all sides.

It already looks good enough to eat. I moved both the onions and steak to the cold (off) side of the grill, put the burners on the lowest setting and closed the cover for 20 minutes. Then I removed both to a plate, covered them in foil and a heavy towel for 15 minutes so the steak could rest and the onions finish cooking through.

Rare steak over cold pesto rice noodle salad with easy/lazy/sweet grilled onions. Served two, twice.