Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Menu: Rib-eyes, grilled onions

Lovely rib-eyes for two.

I also grilled up three bunches of onions, cut into halves and quarters but still held together by the tail so they won't fall through the grates while cooking. They were coated in vinaigrette.

Turned every 4 minutes or so while the steaks cook on the other side of the grill (set on "high").

I felt the need for some spice, so I chose the Jamaican Firewalk rub from Dizzy Pig for my steaks.

Two of our rib-eyes, cut 3/4 inch skinny; I let them set out on the counter for twenty minutes to get the chill off.

About 6 minutes a side, it caused quite a few flame-ups.

Gave them the poke test to see how "tight" the meat was, pulled them off at what I thought was "rare", then covered in foil under a heavy blanket for 15 minutes on the counter.

Yup, that's rare!