Friday, July 17, 2009

Farmers' Market #10: What a croc!

(If you like pork shanks and country-style ribs, I had deals for you last week.)

When I'm at farmer's market, I try to take as many photos as I can (thank you, digital revolution) and sort them out later. Most weeks a theme emerges all by itself, and this Saturday I noticed the vast array of crocs around.

Crocs are green, crocs are blue, why don't I own a pair of these shoes?

Some crocs are faux-crocs, I think, I'm not an expert on the product lines of plastic shoes - but I owned a pair of Jellies once.

For each shoe photo here, there were ten more in my camera.

There was yet another sighting of socks that I must have.

And lastly, the adorable doggie of the day.  Bring an umbrella this week, just in case.  See you at market!