Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Green Mountain Blue Cheese

In rural Highgate there were not a lot of opportunities, and no job on the farm for her so in 1999, Daniel’s’ wife Dawn taught herself how to make cheese in a small building next to the dairy to supplement the family income. She turns their own fresh milk – still warm from the cows – into handcrafted cheeses during morning milking one day a week. Her cheeses are made without pasteurization or mechanization, and they are aged in the cellar below the cheesehouse. Production is currently at 8,000 lbs. each year. Wheels are sold to restaurants and retailers along the East Coast. The couple can be found at the Burlington Farmer’s Market from May to October selling cheese and a variety of the farm’s specialty meats including whey-fed pork, milk-fed pink veal, Normandy Beef, and free-range eggs.