Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clearing Out The Dashboard (again) 2013

Tumeric Chicken, Steamed 
Tasted great.  Photo - not so great.

Garlic for Roasting
 The only photo pretty enough to print from a "meh" roasting recipe.

Tomme Collins
 Soon, I'll be trying to make a pasteurized version of this cheese.

Dim Sum Dumplings
 Too sticky!  I need to work on this gluten-free recipe some more.

Steak and Blue Cheese
 After the cheese melted, it didn't look quite as appetizing as this "before" shot.

Awesome Cheese
 Wow!  Nuff said.
Chebe Tapioca "bread"
 Didn't taste odd like most of the gluten-free box mixes I've purchased.  I'll try making my own recipe (right after perfecting that gf dumpling recipe).

Madison Blue Cheese
 At least, I can tell the difference between all three of my blue "babies".

Roasted Corn
Yup, it came from Florida - but very fresh - and the variety was a little too sweet for my taste.

The grilling method over high heat is sound and lends a pleasant smokiness.  Plus, the silk is easier to remove after cooking.