Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wellfleet Vacation: Short and Sweet

We were most fortunate to have had an offer to stay on the Cape for a few days - as you know by now, vacations off the farm are few and far between.  Many thanks for the generosity shown to us, we will pass on the love.

Dan's never been to the ocean!  He said the sound is deafening; I didn't go down to the surf because I didn't want to take my shoes off (diva).  Also, the car seats were sooo warm.  Very windy here, sand in my eyes, too cold, and not really dressed for it.

Spectacular skies the whole time, and Dan was disoriented - because the ocean is flat - in his words "No horizon, it just goes on forever".

Wild Turkeys
Did some tooling around in an estuary and these guys were crossing the road.  They had HUGE beards!

Pan Seared Halibut with Clams, Bacon, Leeks and Tatoes
 Not only was the staff at the Wicked Oyster superb, but they cater to food allergies!  So loved this.  Little disappointed there were no raw clams on offer, but there will be a "next time".

That's me near THE Pilgrim monument in Provincetown.  Dan went to the top to take photos, but I was already maxed out by walking on the uneven pavement in the streets - in other words, my knees had had enough and I didn't want to fall down and go boom. Other tourists and staff were so friendly -- very Vermontery, we felt right at home.

Wellfleet Oysters
OMG!!!  I can't remember the name of this hotel bar in P-town on Commerce, but the oysters had just come off the boat, the bartender (Mike) was amazing and engaging (we tipped him hard).   Dan had a riff on lobster roll that I have temporarily lost track of and will post when I find it.  More to come!