Friday, October 5, 2012

Scene in Highgate: The Farm's Game Camera

This is what we typically get on the game camera that is supposed to be telling us if coyotes are about to menace all the chickens, cats, dogs, pigs, calves, and husbands walking to work in the dark.

Looked like a deer to me, told it was a coyote.

Probably the same coyote, but who knows?

Thought this was a wild pig, but told it was a coyote licking the camera.

 Raccoon... and a big one by the looks of it.  Where are all the deer and cute baby animals?  And the sasquatches?  No where to be found!

This camera takes 1,000 pictures each evening, and they are onerous to review with no payoff.

Here is a shot of where my raspberry-colored camera has been hiding out, and why I haven't been posting -- because all the shots are on that memory card.  I'll be rectifying that straight away.