Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Burlington Farmer's Market 2012 #18/#19: What a Difference 7 Days Makes

Boucher Family Farm
 Wow!  Last week was so windy that all the streetside vendors had to take down our tents for safety's sake -- but with that, went all the signage --- and we made only half the money we usually take home.

Pomerleau Building
 It was so windy that a pane blew out of this derelict severely neglected building and through all miracles of miracles, missed both passerby and vendors alike.  All these windows should have been boarded up the following week for liabilities sake - but, they weren't.


I win!  Dan and I play this game every week on the way to market.  Whomever spots the most squirrels on their side of the road in S. Burlington wins.  The count this day was 6 1/2 (the half being a chipmunk) to 7 (my score).  Then I saw this feller and a friend in the park and handily brought home the braggin rights this week.  First time this year.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

OMG, the peppers and tomatoes are gorgeous!!  It's time to stock up for winter and make pasta sauce for the freezer - thank you so much to everyone who came out last week (sooo windy) and this week (freekin cold).