Thursday, August 23, 2012

And Now, The Rest of The Story

Other People's Trash
 At the risk of alienating more tourists than "The Canadian Tipping Scandal", I present evidence of what is typically left at my stand by daytrippers - even though there are garbage cans every 50 feet at market.

A New Low
There is a basket with a sign saying "Used Toothpicks" right behind the toothpick dispenser, and still, someone did this to my display with their nasty used pick.  WTF?

But this wasn't what capped the day off.  Oh, no.  The sculpture in the park behind our stand had been defecated in -  Parks and Rec Yellowshirts decided that it was 'hazardous waste' (snicker) and taped off the area.  That didn't stop families from sitting down right next to it all day.

And just when I thought that nothing else could possibly go wrong, a toddler projectile vomited at my stand.  No photos of this, so you'll just have to take my word for how truly awful it was.

A thousand THANK YOUS go to our Market Manager, who cleaned up the mess.  He deserves every penny of his paycheck, and more besides.