Monday, July 23, 2012

Burlington Farmer's Market 2012 #10: Flickr Continues to Hate Me

Boucher Family Farm
 It was too hot!  Reminded me of New Orleans, where we rated the heat by how many changes of clothing you had to make.  This was a two-shirt day.  Nola required 3 shirt changes.

Mini Tomatoes
I am still locked out of my Flickr Pro account.  Working on it, but until I can break in to my own library, no pretty, pretty slideshows.

Bouquets for Sale

Very colorful belts? Or dog collars?

 Looks like someone took a "free" sample of the one on the left.

Gluten-free yummies
OMG I have no idea who this new vendor was, what type of cuisine I was eating, or even the price at purchase.  The stand had no signs whatsoever.  My favorite was the peanut-coated chicken thigh in the center ($10 for enough food to feed me twice).  I need that recipe!

See you at market!