Friday, April 6, 2012

A Look at Leunig's Lounge

Monsieur Martini
Somehow this post disappeared, but I've put it back up.  Dan and I had a pre-farmer's market snack at Leunig's restaurant.  Upstairs there is lots of atmosphere, gluten-free options, and it was not very busy at 5:00 pm on a weekday.

Oh, and the martinis!  My favorite, the Monsieur, is no longer made with gluten-free Chopin vodka, so you have to ask for it that way if you have issues.

(I did get a puzzled look from the server for not having it made with a Vermont-made vodka - but I can't be too careful with my wheat and soy allergies.)

Leunig's Lounge
We ordered 6 oysters on the half shell, and they were so delicious, we ordered 6 more!

This is the Sunday Brunch menu - shrimp, crab, clams, oysters, fruits de mer platter - we must go back soon - with one of my gluten-free friends who is currently having tummy troubles.  Get well soon!