Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Cook: Beef Soup with Noodles

Beef Soup with Noodles
Easy as pie.  3 quarts stock (I used chicken/duck/pork),  1 lb. Veal Stew Meat, 1 lb. Beef Stew Meat, 1 Minced Head of Garlic.  Bring to  the boil, then place in a 250f oven (no cover) for 3 hours.

(Yes, I know there is a potato in the photo - there were only two left in the refrigerator, so in they went.)

Once meat is tender, remove and place a handful of rice noodles in the broth, pushing them down.  Put the cover on and wait for 15- 20 minutes.  The noodles absorb the excess liquid.

Gluten-free Beef Noodle Soup
The noodles always come out amazingly flavorful when cooked this way, instead of boiling them separately.   So simple and easy to make!