Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life on The Farm 121911: Bryce (the dog)

Not Bryce, just a Cute Dog at farmer's market
I don’t currently own a dog, though I have had a Doberman, a Border Collie, and even a Miniature Poodle - in the days before two of those breeds came in the pocket-sized version.

I figure one of the reasons I enjoy other people’s 4-legged companions so much these days is because I don’t have to feed, walk them, or get up in the middle of the night to let them out for a pee. 

I get to experience all of the frolicking, fetching, and fun without any of the dirty work or responsibility.  It’s a perfectly acceptable way to enjoy multiple dogs.  

And by saying that, I realize it’s similar to how I feel about small and sticky toddlers. 

But, I digress.

I keep a bag of doggie treats in both the car and truck, because I never know when or where one of my furry friends will appear.

BB, DJ, Maggie, and Keeler under the truck
Well, DJ, Maggie, BB, and Keeler hang out at the farm, but they aren’t the only dogs with which I am acquainted.

One of our fellow vendors at the summer Burlington Farmer’s Market is Terry Zigmund of Burlington Community Glass Studio; she makes fused glass jewelry and stained glass windows, and is one of the few who brings along a dog. 

Bryce is a well-behaved, jet-black, mid-sized doggie-dog that has one white eye and one brown eye, and fur as soft and thick as any puffball kittycat.

Bryce, giving me the stink-eye
On every market day I take multiple photos of dogs, produce, crafts, and passerby at the market, but when I tried to capture Bryce and his beautiful eyes, he scowled and turned away.  He also went out of his way to growl and bark at me when I visited Terry’s studio.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t understand why any dog could dislike me, because I’m just not that dog-unlikable - so Terry told me a trick, to ‘just say cookie’ and he would perk right up.

Well, I knew I could do one better.  I left our booth and went to the truck to retrieve pup treats from the back seat. Little did I know that I would make a friend for life.

Vendor at the indoor market
Last Saturday, we made deliveries of our farm’s products to Burlington, then visited and shopped at the indoor Farmer’s Market at Memorial Auditorium (taking photos and Tweeting to help promote the organization).

We met Bryce and Terry at the Painted Tulip booth, and the dog instantly recognized me as “The Cookie Lady”

Now you may have seen dogs on YouTube or television “talking”, but I’ve never witnessed it for real.

In addition to barking and pushing people aside, Bryce started making the sorts of noises that come just shy of actual words. Woofs and other low vocalizations, combined with emphatic tail wagging and major cuteness. 

I swear I heard “Cookie”.

Or “Wookie”. 

And me without a reward at hand!  Next time, I’ll have treats in my pockets. I hate to disappoint such a wonderful pet.