Friday, December 30, 2011

Clearing The Dashboard

PaneBelle Gluten Free Pizza Shell
End of the year, and time to clear the dashboard of things I meant to post about, but didn't.  First up - a pizza shell that the owner of the local diner discovered at a trade show.  Made a decent pizza that stayed crispy under multiple toppings, which we gobbled up before taking a plated photo.   Hope to see it on the menu soon.

Mama Africa's Peri-peri Sauce
Had this bottle on the counter for two weeks before trying because it looked scary hot.  Not at all scary, but has a creeping heat that you still feel an hour later.  Looking forward to pairing with skirt steak and chicken.  Overpowered pork potsticker dumplings. Gluten-free.

Baked Salmon
Proof that we eat fish and not just meat.  Dizzy Pig rubs really bring out a vibrance in farmed salmon.  Cooks in about 8 minutes at 400f.  Love purple jasmine rice.

Smoked Salmon
One-inch thick bone-in salmon steaks take one hour on the smoker.  Like pairing hard-boiled eggs with just about everything, but prefer soft-boiled with soups.  Messy plate, that's why I didn't post - and I started steaming vegetables on top of rice in 2011.

WTF Fish with Creamed Leeks
I've had this photo so long I'm not sure what it is.  Tilapia?  Sole?  It's just been hanging around with no real point to it.

Look!  A Brown Swiss!  Naughty girl lost her ear tag.

Well, that's it.  The virtual closet is all cleaned out and ready to fill in 2012.