Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deer Season Day One, Advantage: Deer

So, this is how it works.  We have over 1,000 acres of fields and 300 acres of woods divided between Highgate and Swanton.  My brother-in-law Denis, and some of our "core" hunters post most of the land, and we issue permission slips (in case the Game Warden comes around).  Each man/woman is given an area, and they have to stay there - like it or not, it keeps them all safe - and happy. We've been doing that for over fifteen years.

Given all the accidental shootings, including one from a hunter who was denied permission to hunt, went on the land anyway, and shot my cousin's husband OUT OF HIS TREE STAND (Hyde Park, VT), managing "guests" is the most responsible thing to do.

Yesterday, Dan came across someone who had dumped a load of dirt in one of the fields and set up a camo shelter.  He put a note on a nearby pickup, which belonged to a hunter with permission, and she had no idea who the tent belonged to.  We should have taken it down and left a note (I know landowners who would have done so).   That is just an illustration of what we have to confront as stewards.

Now, on to the less serious matter.  My husband Dan, Denis, and their brother Pat, were all hunting the same area saturday, armed with cell phones and walkies, and still couldn't pull down the deer crossing their paths. lol!!!!    4-Pointers: 1    Bouchers: 0