Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend Cook: ABTs

ABTs on The Big Green Egg  
Bacon-wrapped, Sausage-stuffed Jalapenos (ABT’s)
Makes about 30, serves 20  

Additional Equipment: metal drip pan, and a spray bottle filled with water to handle flare-ups.

30 Jalapenos, cut in half length-wise, de-seeded, veins removed
2 lbs. Bacon
1 lb. Sweet Italian Sausage, (raw, removed from casings)
4 ounces Cream Cheese

60 4-inch long Skewers (from the gadget section of the grocery store)

Optional: Your favorite spicy meat rub


In a bowl, combine sausage and cream cheese. 

Fill jalapeno halves with the mixture and re-assemble so the pepper appears whole.

Using a skewer, fasten a strip of bacon at the stem-end, piercing through both sides. 

Wrap the bacon around the pepper in a single layer, and secure at the end.*  Trim any excess. 

*Tip: it is easier to wrap with strips of bacon that have been cut in half the long way.

Lightly sprinkle with rub. Wrapped jalapenos can be kept under refrigeration overnight.

ABTs on The Big Green Egg
To cook:

Place the drip pan underneath the grate where you will cook. Use the indirect method (heat source off to one side, not directly under the peppers).  Set grill to 300f (medium-low to low). 

Cook with the cover down for 30 minutes. 

Check to see if any have browned, and rotate these to a cooler part of the grill.  Depending on size, cooking will take another 15 to 30 minutes (covered).

The peppers darken and are slightly wrinkled when done.  Jalapenos that are not cooked completely will be much hotter.

At this stage, the bacon needs to be crisped.

To finish:

Move peppers near the hot side of the grill (cover up).  This is where the bacon has been browning. 

Work with a few peppers at a time, until you get the knack. Do not put them directly over the flame.  Keep that spray bottle handy!

Peppers can be loosely covered with foil and held in a 200f oven for an hour or more.  

I like to serve them cut in half (or even thirds) for bite-sized portions.

Ready to Serve
 These were gone in no time.

Shrimp-stuffed Jalapeno Appetizer