Monday, January 17, 2011

Wheatless: King Arthur Pizza

This is one item in a gluten-free product line from an old favorite company of mine: King Arthur Flour.

I followed the directions and made 4 personal-sized pizzas.  The dough was a bit difficult to work with because it was so very sticky - almost like frosting.  You have to pre-bake them before topping.

It stood up to a heavy application of toppings: 3 cheeses, mushrooms, chicken, pepperoni, fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions - and three different underlayments: olive paste, BBQ sauce, and pesto.

The bottom was nicely browned, but the texture of the crust was more light and shortbready than crunchy and crispy (like I like it).  However, this is exactly how Dan likes his pizza.

No weird aftertastes or rice flour grittiness to detract from the experience.  I froze the spare shells.