Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scene in Highgate: The Sweetest Meat

On Friday, we stopped by O.C. McCuin's Store to get some chicken feed, and they had the smokers and grills fired up: it was Customer Appreciation Day.   The camera didn't capture the smoke coming from Miss Piggy (a Traeger pellet smoker), but she was being prepped to cook pork tenderloin and chicken.

(Smoked chicken mixed with quinoa and blanched green beans)

We made a special trip to return for the barbecue, but it wasn't ready to serve -- so, the grillmaster (Kyle Lothian) brought us some chicken at home, within the hour.  Yes!  A delicious container of take-away brought right to my door.  That's customer appreciation!  I pulled the chicken and made crunchy tacos.

Nom, nom, nom.  Smokey goodness with a little cheddar/mozzarella melted over the top, and a mayonnaise/sriracha blend for sauce.  OMG!

I was impressed by the flavor and moisture of the chicken, usually store-bought birds are a bit dry no matter what you do with them.  Really impressed.