Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Cook: T-bone (and salmon)

A surf and turf done inside the house instead of outside on the grill, due to the darkness of the late hour. Those are beets from Arethusa Collective, our own beef, a salmon fillet from the Hannaford (trying to slide in a healthy fish whenever I can), and sticky sushi rice. Of course for the fish to be truly healthy for you, I think you are supposed to eat it instead of beef, not alongside it.

I don't like to make steak indoors because of the grease spitting all over...

and because I can't get the dark color I want on the meat. I seared it on both sides (8-10 minutes each), then put the pan in a 300f oven for 20 minutes. I also put two center cut salmon filets in to bake.

My plate: the salmon was coated in Tasty Licks Salmon, a lemon-pepper rub. Very good, but I didn't find out until the following morning that it contained "modified food starch" which could have cause the slight digestive upset I experienced. I should know better by now not to use anything without proper labeling - the rub was a free sample that came with an order from the company.

Both the salmon and beef were done at the same time.

This was Dan's plate: rare meat as usual, and he agreed that the salmon was a real winner. I will certainly put more Montreal Seasoning on the steak next time.