Friday, October 16, 2009

Farmer's Market #23: Rain, Rain, Go Away - and take the cold with you!

Instead of a burrito, Dan is having "The Benny" from Folk Foods for breakfast. This is our "rain setup"; one small table pulled well back so customers can get out of the drizzle while they read our signs and look at cheeses.

No room for sampling out at that wee little table - and don't get me wrong - I don't mind tourists as a whole, but stating, "We came all the way from "Overseas", and you don't have any cheese for us to try?" does not increase my desire to be responsive (in the positive) to such an entitled attitude.

Did I just say that? Yes. Yes, I did. I'm not unwrapping a cheese that's for sale, so some la-di-da vacationer trying to impress/intimidate me with how far they can afford to travel, can eat it without making a purchase.

Did the other cheesemakers sample out their products in the rain? Yes, they did (bless their lil' hearts).

It was cold, mitten and multiple-layers-wearing weather.

Very pretty, though.

We sold out of both beef and veal shanks, and most of the beef ribs.

Arethusa Collective has many peppers, of all types and heats.

I need to make some pepper-sauce.

And I gotta get me one of those ladybug slickers in the big girl size, and some battery-operated hunter's socks if this kind of weather sticks around.

Only three more markets left, hope to see you there!