Friday, October 2, 2009

Farmer's Market #21: Cold Nuf Fer Ya?

Yes indeedy. It was cold enough for us. The sunlight hitting our booth lasted for about 20 brief and wonderful minutes. Then it went away and didn't return.

There's still lots of specials to be had and loads of produce at Arethusa. I have one 1/2 pig head left.

Major problems manifested on our left during set up. The fires at the camp stove of Folk Foods would not light - no burritos or vegetarian bagel bites. No standing next to the planchet to keep warm for me.

The culprit: it was cold enough for the propane to freeze - this is frost on the regulator and the propane lines. It looked like I felt.

They had spare tanks, a spare regulator, and a spare stove; in spite of that, there was no gift from Prometheus. The tank is warming in the sunshine. It will soon be joined by the second tank. While Dan waits for breakfast, here's some snaps from the market...

It took over an hour before Jason got the heat on. Dan said his morning burrito was the tastiest one, ever.

The last market day is October 31st; it's going to get a lot colder. Pull your woolies on, and come see us on Saturday!