Friday, September 4, 2009

Farmer's Market #18: Ending as it began

It was cool, and the grass was wet at the start of the day.

It looked like the threat of rain was going to keep all the customers away.

There was a blood drive at the far end of the park and they put their sign on our turf: not allowed. It was removed.

There was a squirrel in the trees throwing acorns at our tent! You can barely see his curly tail at 9:00.

Arethusa was selling something familiar: field soybeans! They are the dried grassy looking things on the top of the display.

The sun never quite made it out, and after 1:00 pm the skies opened up, making it a soggy retreat back to our collective farms and homes at 2:00 pm. We changed into the dry clothes we had brought with us to stay warm.

The day ended as it started, with an empty park. I hope the sunny stretch this week holds out for us.

Farmer's Market isn't over yet! This week we picked up our bratwurst and pork sausages, double cut pork chops, offal, veal and some pig heads at the processors; there are more beef cuts on the way. Hope to see you at market!