Friday, August 21, 2009

Farmer's Market #15: Pique Season

It's hot out already, and will get up into the 90's. No events in the park, except for market.

I don't know what happened to the turkey flyers, but they weren't packed in the truck.

Dan's first breakfast, a burrito from Folk Foods.

Dan's second breakfast from Dinky Donuts. The man eats at Hobbit-like intervals.

My breakfast/lunch, a spicy chicken tamale from Tamale Girl, with green tomatillo salsa, and mole (that's mow-lay). It's gluten free, and the first at-market eats I've dared to consume all season. The sauces elevate it to perfection!

Arethusa Collective is setting up.

I thought these were tomatillos, but they are ground cherries. They have a very mild fruity flavor, are not overly sweet, and have seeds like birdshot. I was thinking they'd make great jelly. Not that I know how to do that.

Took a picture of the corn and forgot to nab two for myself. Darn!

Perfect tomatoes, and this variety hollows out easily for stuffings (hot or cold).

Gorgeous peppers -- it's a bit too hot out to enjoy them baked with a hearty stuffing, but I've been enjoying them raw with creamy dipping sauces.

On a day like this, the fountain is the main attraction.

This is the way I like the park: breezy, warm, not too many people, and enough space to really relax and enjoy being outside.

(Sigh) This was a new low. While my husband was helping customers, one of the tourists threw their used toothpick in Dan's (Rookie's homemade draft) rootbeer. Eeeew!

And lastly, the most adorable dog of the day and his sweet ride. See you at market!